Bring your yard and garden to life and create a focal feature for your property with the help of a professional landscaping company. Creating a captivating and cultivated landscape doesn't have to require a lot of work or maintenance; simply talk with the experts about the best options for your property, climate, and preferences.

Some unique and alluring features for your landscaping include:


If you want to take visitors' breath away, install a beautiful water fountain; these are found widely in electric, solar-powered, and battery-operated styles, and the gentle water and trickling sound can transform your yard into a serene and peaceful sanctuary. Furthermore, these provide a perfect water-source for visiting birds or wildlife, if you have an interest in sitting by the pond to watch nature.

Water Features

If a fountain isn't your thing, consider a different water feature such as a pond or a waterfall. A pond is a fantastic feature that will provide hours of joy as you sit and watch the water as you relax after work, or to brighten your day when you watch the sun rise above the water each morning. Depending on your property's demographics, it may be possible to insert a prefabricated liner which makes this a swift and simple landscaping task.


Your home's exterior lighting does far more than provide a calming illumination over the features of your yard and property; it also provides a sense of security and safety for anyone living there. Consider talking with your landscaper about motion-sensor lights outside your home to deter trespassers, as well as solar lighting along any paths or walkways to prevent falls. Some homeowners may find that investing in security lighting outside has a favorable impact on their homeowners' insurance rates, too.


Hardscaping is an excellent idea for those homeowners who don't want to spend every free weekend taking care of their yard or garden. The options include paved spaces, patios, stonework, and other non-living features that will enhance the overall appearance of your property. Some other hardscaping options are out-buildings, pergolas, and labyrinths.

The Lawn

When your lawn and grass look shabby, the rest of your landscaping appear unkempt, too. Despite the many reasons why it makes sense to maintain a lawn, sometimes life can get in the way and put property-owners behind schedule. If you have a hectic schedule, line-up lawn care to ensure your yard is pristine, improving your property's overall curb appeal.

Some things to have done routinely include:

Mowing. At least twice a month during peak-season, to keep your yard looking lush and green.

Trimming. Make sure to augment your mowed lawn with trimming around the edges, structures, and features to make your property look its best and curb weed-growth.

Pruning. Sagging branches can break-free during windy weather and pose a potential hazard for anyone who lives nearby. Do your part by keeping trees pruned on and around your property.

Fertilizing. Make sure that your lawn has the nutrients needed to come-in green and full with fertilizer treatments periodically. Sodding. Trying to grow grass quick? Talk to your landscaper about laying sod for a thick lawn in a hurry.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall lining the driveway or evening out your property's terrain can be the finishing detail that your landscaping is currently missing. This gives the space a polished and manicured look that others will notice, while also increasing convenience and accessibility to your entire exterior space.

Are you missing an opportunity to enhance and improve the overall looks of your home? Talk to A Greener Season Landscaping about a design plan and maintenance schedule that will keep your home or business exteriors looking alluring and well-kempt. Ask about options for unique features that will also add to the utility and function of your property, including retaining walls and paving.